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Recording Studio at SHOR


Live drums, amazing amps, and some pretty sweet bass traps plus an awesome vocal isolation booth and control room make our Project-based studio definitely worth a visit. 


Here’s some of the stuff that we’ve got:

  • Logic Pro X
  • Allen and Heath Zed 16 FX Mixing board 
  • Focusrite 18i20 Interface 
  • CAD Drum Mics 
  • Blue Microphones
  • AKG Microphones
  • plus…

Upon request we can provide the best of what Tucson’s Music Scene has to offer in terms of Session players to embellish whatever you’re imagining with REAL live musicians… Pre-recorded samples are so last year.  


Our studio is set up to accommodate singer-songwriters, podcasters, hip-hop artists, rock bands, solo artists, rap artists, etc.



Book some studio time TODAY!

Call our front office at 520.882.ROCK (7625)


Flat Hourly Rate: $50/hr

Production/Engineering: $25-$150/hr

Performance Coaching: $75/hr & up 


1 Original Song — Singer-Songwriter Deluxe Recording Package with photos and documentary-style music video. Includes vocal coaching, song selection/refinement and production. $299.00 

3 Original Songs — Full Rock Band Deluxe Recording Package with fully mic-ed drums* (drummer must be able to play accurately to a metronome or “click track”) and individually tracked instruments with overdubbed lead vocal, one pre-mix listen and critique, including band photos and documentary-style music video. Includes performance coaching and production. $599.00

1 Cover Song — we provide the live isntrumentals and you provide THE VOICE. Perfect as a gift. Includes basic vocal coaching and photos with a live video of the recording process. $399.00