Hey Everyone,

It’s Sarah. I just realized how easy it is to post on our website. Honestly, I just have not been spending enough time in the office. So I’m making up for that right now and getting reoriented. For instance, the calendar isn’t on the wall anymore and no matter how many times I look at it, the bass drum head that replaced the calendar will NOT tell me what day of the week February 3rd is. Or, did you know that the program we use for scheduling, etc., can actually e-mail receipts to families and teachers? It’s crazy.


If you come to your lesson or drive by the SHOR you might notice some “For Rent” signs on the porch.


There is a 95% chance that we are moving.

To an even better location.

We’ll still be in Tucson and we won’t be very far from the current location.

As much as we adore this location, the price of rent vs. how much money we make from people coming in off of 4th Avenue and signing up for lessons just doesn’t make sense. I have to admit that I really thought being on 4th Avenue would attract a bunch of students. Turns out that it really hasn’t. Instead, our beloved student body is made up of dedicated musicians and their families, and they probably would have found us regardless of our location on 4th Avenue.

Bottom line: wherever we are, lessons will continue. And if everything goes as planned we’ll have a pretty cool place with an actual STAGE. Pretty cool.

So, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, thank you for your support and dedication. As always, if you know anyone who might want lessons or recording time, or children with special needs who might benefit from music therapy, please refer them to us. Who knew that it was so easy to post on our website.

Time to go. Joseph brought me a snack and I’m getting hummus on the keyboard. And the phone…



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