SHOR Rock Camp

Hey everyone,

Our Winter Rock Camp of 2017 just came to a close, so if you’re interested in our program check out these cool kids! Stay tuned to our social media to get updated on dates for Summer Rock Camp 2018.

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10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


“Rock in Review”
This session is only one week long, and we’re going to make the most of it!
Musicians and non-musicians alike will be able to get a preview of what it takes to be a Rockstar.

-Overview of Western Music.
-Introduction to performance and recording.
-Understanding the dynamics of rock music.
-Playing with other musicians of all abilities and ages.

Cost: $390
25% Down payment required to secure a camp spot.
(Military discounts, Sibling discounts, Payment plan options available)


At the SHOR we don’t offer an elaborate form of daycare. We understand that many families are looking for just that (and we don’t blame them!) but if that’s what you’re looking for we’re probably not a good fit. If you’re going to put your child in a winter program, why not make sure that they get the most out of the experience as possible? We’ve outlined the SHOR teaching mentality and the goals we have for our students below:

-At the SHOR we want our students to learn about themselves through playing music with others.
We want our students to learn how to work together– not because they are being forced to, but because they have a desire to reach a common goal.
-We want our students to learn how to make sacrifices for the good of a group as well as how to fiercely protect the value of their own contributions.
-We want our students to learn how to truly listen as well as how to truly be heard.
-We want our students to learn to make compromises but never compromise their own integrity.

*We are always willing to bend our rules when it comes to great musicianship or enthusiasm. Ask us about eligibility.*