$25 per Rock Club

$95 Monthly

What Thursday at Rock Club looks like: Beginning at 2pm, homeschooled students aged 6-10 have the opportunity to learn the history of rock music, ignite their interest in a rock instrument, and learn to play in a group. At 3pm, students aged 11-17 have the same opportunity. Within these 2 hours, our goal is to give students the confidence to perform, find an instrument that interests them, and give them the tools to learn how to play with their piers.

  • Group lesson students are eligible for discounts on private lessons
  • Group lessons could entail: singing, piano, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, band managing, recording, filming, photography, and much more.


The Schoolhouse of Rock is a place for your child’s interests to grow, this isn’t your traditional lesson studio, If it relates to music, it is a skill we will foster for the sake of YOUR child’s development.
The benefits of music education are innumerable. A plethora of research studies have proven the positive effect that music has on the growing brain. Studying music helps make your child’s brain stronger. Literally. It actually strengthens the corpus callosum, the tissue between the right and left sides of the brain measurably thicker and stronger. Something that’s recently been discovered is that although reading Mozart may engage unique neural pathways, playing The Beatles or even Metallica in an ensemble can be just as positively impactful on brain development but with a slew of added benefits typically associated with team sports.