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Maya Rizk is a phenomenal Tucson-Native drummer with over 14 years of experience. She has toured internationally in France, Switzerland, and Italy playing Jazz, and has been studying drums seriously since age 7. By age 13, she had already received multiple accolades in national Jazz competitions and festivals for her unique drum solos.  At age 19, she released her first album independently with her trio: Yum! At age 21, she is on her way to releasing her 2nd and 3rd album independently in Tucson. She regularly plays multiple styles including Jazz, Rock, Latin, Punk, and Funk. Around town, you can catch her playing with her funk/punk band, “Yum!” and rock n’ roll band “Taco Sauce”. 

Maya is a firm believer that anybody can learn how to play the drums if one sets their mind to it. She works with people of all ages and all skill levels, and in her words, “If you think you know everything, great; come in and jam with me. If you don’t know anything, great; just give it a try.” When you are ready to learn things about drums that you never imagined possible, Maya is the teacher for you.