Hermosa School Music Mastery

What is Music Mastery?

An expertly curated program designed to inspire and assist in the development of well-rounded musicians, divas, instrumentalists, visual artists, publicists, audio engineers, social media marketers, entertainers and public speakers through active listening, focused practice, group interaction, improvisation and performance. With an emphasis on creating a life-long appreciation for music, this program gives students the skills, tools, vocabulary,  support and confidence to express themselves using the language of music and the ability to interpret and understand others.

Music Mastery was designed to give participants an unparalleled  introduction to the language of music. Similar to traveling internationally, but without the jet lag or embarrassment of being forced to show perfect strangers the wildly unflattering picture on your passport, Music Mastery grants participants access to a different world with an unfamiliar language and distinct culture. Being able to hear music with a critical ear and dissect the unique components aurally is a valuable skill that continues to benefit listeners for the rest of their lives. Remember violin lessons? Piano? Clarinet? In a perfect world kids would still have the time and lack of distraction in order to dedicate the appropriate amount of daily practice to make the most of their private lessons. We will always promote private lessons and we do not purport Music Mastery to be a replacement for instrument instruction.

If you have any questions please call at 520.882.7625, or email at Schoolhouseofrock.az@gmail.com