About Us

Established in 2005, The Schoolhouse of Rock began in a tiny Casita off of Jacobus Avenue and 1st Street where founder/owner Sarah Rose Fire taught small private lessons to fledgling rock stars. Since then the Schoolhouse has grown to a large multifaceted, fully equipped lessons studio where we host performances, our Summer Rock Camp, and turn our amps up to 11 as we give our students the tools to perform, compose and express themselves in the 21st Century of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

S.H.O.R currently teaches:

Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Theory, Ukulele, Violin, Harmonica, Marimba, Recording/Mixing, Music Marketing, etc.

The Schoolhouse of Rock is a private music school that embraces the spontaneity and exuberance of ROCK music. While there are many schools of thought when it comes to music education, The Schoolhouse of Rock is guided by one main concept- kids and adults are entitled to learn to play and understand music at their own pace in an environment where they are free to express themselves and enjoy the process. That means the teachers at the S.H.O.R. are responsible for not only having a well of profound depth and breadth in terms of music comprehension, experience, practice, and theory but that the brunt of the responsibility for ensuring that every student who walks through the doors has a positive learning experience falls on their shoulders. Fortunately, the Schoolhouse of Rock’s main teaching force, Sarah Fire (Founder and Headmaster) and Joseph Miller (Music Director) are more than happy to carry that weight.

Meet the Business Owner:

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Sarah Rose Fire, Head Master 

Sarah has been teaching music lessons for 18 years and is still inspired by teaching. The Schoolhouse of Rock became an outlet for her teaching style in 2006. Her favorite musician is Beethoven and her favorite bands include Radiohead, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Jackson Five, The Ben Folds Five, Ryan Adams, Chicago, Smashing Pumpkins, Stephen Malkmus and Johnny Cash.  She teaches Classical Piano, rock piano, voice, beginning guitar and beginning bass. She also teaches Music Theory to musicians of all levels. She specializes in teaching Voice and Classical Piano.

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Joseph Wayne Miller, Music Director 

Joseph Miller has been the Music Director at the Schoolhouse of Rock Since 2015. He teaches guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, and studio recording. In his free time, Joseph enjoys short walks down Park Avenue, drumming in local bands, one-word answers, and trying to enjoy room temperature coffee. In addition to his teaching, he presides over our recording studio teaching students how to record their own music as well as professionally recording local musicians.


Ethan Means, Office Manager

Ethan Means has worked at The Schoolhouse of Rock since 2016. As well as managing the logistical aspects of our office, he teaches ukulele and plays guitar. In his free time, Ethan enjoys wearing mismatched socks, shedding a tear over Mac Demarco, and dancing like a dad at a cookout. If you ever give us a call, leave a message or send us an email, you’ll likely hear back from Ethan.

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Ruby Tuesday, Marketing

Ruby is the newest member of the S.H.O.R. team, joining us in October of 2017. She maintains our social media, website, and is doing some serious booking for our events/shows. When she’s out of the studio Ruby enjoys Bob Dylan, cooking, and everything unironically pop punk.

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Nico Cattenazzo, Head of SHOR Piano Department

Nico has been teaching piano at the S.H.O.R. since summer band camp of 2017. Since graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Jazz Performance, his goal is to master creating fun piano lessons. When he’s not doing the metronome dance, he’s battling his students with a fierce pop quiz in sight reading, building something, playing jazz, or asking you if you need him to build something.