About Us

Our History

The Schoolhouse of Rock makes musicians. We teach anyone with an interest in music from the ages of 4 and up. Younger rockers may be candidates for group lessons like our Preschoolhouse of Rock. We believe anyone can be a Rockstar. We teach private lessons, group lessons and have seasonal day camps held during school breaks– like our Winter and Summer Rock Band Camps.  Our teachers are talented, gigging musicians of all ages and backgrounds with two things in common: they love music and they love teaching.

Music School Difference

Our students are encouraged to hone their talents on their respective instruments through individual lessons. What sets our school apart is the fact that we help our students start bands and we encourage and facilitate collaboration.  We teach our students the importance of playing and communicating effectively with musical peers so they can further their careers through performance and recording.

Genius Starts With a Note

You Bring the Passion. Together, We’ll Build Your Future.