unnamedHey Everybody,

We’ve got some great news!

Your favorite Music Lesson Studio, Recording Emporium and Petting Zoo*, The Schoolhouse of Rock, is happy to announce their NEW location!!!

Starting this Monday your favorite teachers can be found at:

141 South Park Avenue @

the intersection of Broadway and Park Avenue

Yes, we know what you’re thinking and we are absolutely NOT calling our new location “South Park.” More importantly, however, you’ve probably already noticed that just like the cross streets of the new location the most prestigious properties to own in the game of Monopoly are ALSO “Broadway” and “Park Place (not identical but really close)” and it’s no coincidence that if you have those properties you’re probably already winning and you’re counting the mortgage value of the two Railroads that your Nana owned until she went bankrupt last turn because she couldn’t cough up the rent for the three houses you built on Indiana. Silly Nan!

… Just hope we don’t build hotels. Be realistic: You’ll never be able to pay the rent when all you have is St. James Place and one of the Utilities. Seriously. Amateur.

Anyway, it’s about 5 minutes away from what we will now refer to as the “4th Ave.” location.

     So, because you love us so much you’re probably wondering how you can help us. Thank you so much.

We are having a MOVING PARTY!!

Friday, February 17th


Saturday February 18th

Come on down to “4th Ave.” and get some free food, drinks, perform some music spontaneously or watch some people perform some music spontaneously and hey, if you’re bored you might as well grab some boxes and then the new location.

We’ll be raising funds to outfit our new location as well.

* Petting Zoo is closed until further notice due to impracticality and overall lack of existence.



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