Music Lessons

Summer Update!

Hello Schoolhouse!
It’s summer time as you all know, and as a result, the typical Schoolhouse calendar is a little out of whack. There’s camp, vacation time, and various quirks about summer that make scheduling a little hazy.
If there is any confusion about your spot don’t hesitate to call the front office and leave us a message!
There are still three weeks of Camp left this summer! If you haven’t had the opportunity and would be interested in participating (either as a cam
per or volunteer) give us a call or shoot us an email.
Our weekly Open Mic is still operational. Come down and play! It’s every Friday at 7.
Thanks so much guys, we love you and couldn’t do this without you.
Keep on rocking!
P.S. We have an awesome new automated payment system, all you need is a PayPal account!
Go to to get subscribed. (This will ensure Ethan stops hassling you about tuition.)

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