We Make Musicians.

We are a private music school that embraces the spontaneity and exuberance of ROCK music. While there are many schools of thought when it comes to music education, The Schoolhouse of Rock is guided by one main concept – kids and adults are entitled to learn to play and understand music at their own pace in an environment where they are free to express themselves and enjoy the process.  This means the teachers at the Schoolhouse of Rock are not only responsible for having a deep well of profound music comprehension, experience, practice, and theory but that the brunt of the responsibility for ensuring that every student who walks through the doors has a positive learning experience.  Fortunately, the Schoolhouse of Rock’s main teaching force and headmaster, Sarah Fire, is more than happy to carry that weight with the help of some of the most illustrious teachers in the Tucson area.

Best Teachers

We pride ourselves on having the best music teachers in the Tucson area. Our teachers are not only highly qualified, educated and experienced but they love music and they love teaching.

Music is for EVERYONE

At the SHOR we cater to musicians of all ages and abilities. With interests ranging from starting their own punk rock band, to being first chair in Percussion, to releasing their own self-titled debut album we are here to help and guide them every step of the way.

Note: Collaboration is the Key

While it’s all well and good to be able to shred in your bedroom, we believe that musicians should hone their chops by playing with others. Age doesn’t matter. Neither does gender or ethnicity, music has its own language and we teach our students to become fluent speakers capable of communicating with other musicians effortlesssly.

Spring Break Camp and Summer Camps 2020